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6 Reasons Your Offer Isn’t Selling + How To Fix It

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“I have an incredible offer, but no one is buying it, why not?”

There is nothing more upsetting and more frustrating than having an offer that just won’t sell. Especially when you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating it!

Honestly, I’ve been here before (as have a couple of my clients) and it truly, truly sucks. 

But, before you throw your offer out and give up altogether, please know…there might not actually be anything wrong with your offer, you might just not be marketing it in the right way.

So, how do you fix that?

Here are the 6 main reasons an offer won’t sell, and how you can fix that today!

1. You haven’t shown up enough.

Did you know that most people need to see an offer an average of SEVEN TIMES before they take the leap to buy it? Yup, seven! And don’t forget that with social media’s algorithms thrown into the mix, your customers probably aren’t even seeing 100% of your posts! 

What’s the solution?

Show up EVERY SINGLE DAY and share your offer. Don’t worry about being spammy, you are growing a business! 

Top tip – Schedule out a bunch of posts and stories that talk about the offer both before you launch it (to build hype) and after!

2. You haven’t got the right energy

There are two things that make offers sell – the results it will give the person buying it and the ENERGY of the person selling it. If you really want your offer to sell, you really do need to be WILDLY PASSIONATE about what you are selling. You need to 100% believe in your offer (to your core) AND what it will do for your clients.

Honestly? If you aren’t passionate about what you are are selling, then your audience will really pick up on this and they won’t be passionate about it either!

What’s the solution?

Only create and launch an offer that you truly love and each time you show up to sell, focus on getting yourself into a really great energy space! Show up with a magnetic energy and be unapologetically excited about your offer and how it’s going to help your clients.

3. You’ve not made it easy for them to buy!

Sometimes, without even realising it, we can really overcomplicate the ‘buying process’ . Have you made the path ‘to buy’ really EASY and obvious for your customer? Have you shown them why they need your offer and have you put a call to action at the end of each ‘marketing’ effort telling them exactly how they can buy it?

What’s the solution?

Get someone to follow your ‘customer journey’ and see how easy they find it to a) Work out what your offer is b) Buy from you 

Top tip: Create a very clear funnel and put calls to actions in your e-mails, in your posts, in your social bios and everywhere your audience might see it!

4. Your audience doesn’t trust you yet.

Another reason an offer might not sell is if your potential customer doesn’t feel like they can trust if this is a great fit for them and that you can deliver what you promise.

What’s the solution?

There are several things you can do to build credibility with your audience. This can include sharing, testimonials that showcase how transformational working with you is. It can also include sharing any media placements or qualifications (if relevant?) that show that you are an expert in your field. Other ways to build trust include sharing behind the scenes posts/stories so your customers can get to know you. But my favourite way to build trust? By constantly delivery free, high value content that offers them quick wins to their current pain points. Why is this so great? Not only are you building trust, but you’re also building anticipation – you’re leaving your audience thinking; if they’re giving me this much value for FREE, imagine what you’d get if you PAID! 

5. You aren’t targeting the right emotions

Did you know that we make pretty much all of our buying decisions based on emotion? When we invest our time, money and energy into something, it has to feel right! As much as we try to ‘logically’ weigh up whether or not a product or service is going to be a great fit for us – ultimately it’s our feelings (and how we hope this investment is GOING to make us feel) that pushes us to make a decision on whether we are going to spend our money or not!

What’s the solution?

Make sure you KNOW and UNDERSTAND your customer’s pain points. You really want to get to know how they’re feeling about the problem they’re dealing with and how they want to feel instead. You then need to make it REALLY CLEAR in your marketing copy that YOU are ‘bridging that gap’ between how they feel now and how they want to feel.

Top tip – Storytelling really sells! Share your own transformational story or your clients, or paint a picture of how they are feeling now and how they will be once they have worked with you! 

6. Your customer can’t see the value!

Even though your potential client can see all the shiny features of your offer; how many sessions she’ll have with you, what she’ll learn and all the great bonuses – she won’t be drawn in unless she knows exactly HOW this is going to help her. This is the true value of your offer! Right now your sales page might be full of ‘what they’ll get’ when they invest, but, what you really need to focus on (ESPECIALLY in your sales copy) is how it’s going to transform or change her life. 

What’s the solution?

Try and focus less on ‘what will happen during’ working with you and instead focus on sharing what she’ll feel like after. Aka…sell ‘the good nights sleep’ rather than the mattress. Your shiny features are great and should be made clear, but instead of leading with these, lead with the benefits and outcomes of investing in you. How will your customers life be different when they’ve finished working with you? What will be better? In other words, sell the result, not the process.


The six reasons your offer isn’t selling…

  1. You haven’t shown up enough
  2. You haven’t got the right energy
  3. You haven’t made it easy for them to buy
  4. Your audience doesn’t trust you yet
  5. You aren’t targeting the right emotions
  6. Your customer can’t see the value

The solutions…

  1. Show up and talk about your offer as often as you can!
  2. Make sure you love your offer and get into the right energy space before you show up
  3. Check out your customer journey and how easy you’ve made the buying process.
  4. Show that you can delivery by showing up with free value and by sharing testimonials.
  5. Share transformational stories and marketing copy that hits the right emotions.
  6. Lead with the benefits and how this is going to make their life better!

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