1:1 coaching sessions


3 months coaching

What's Included

 The Client Attraction Method

This premium coaching experience is especially for you if you have a fire in your belly and you're on a mission to up level your business, your mindset and your life and start bringing in consistent 5-10k months.

You want help and support to become a client attractor, you want to make sure that your offers make sense, that they're scalable and priced in a way that's in alignment with you. 

You want to make sure that your messaging is consistently speaks to the ready to invest client, that your sales + visibility strategies work, that they feel good for you and that they attract clients that you want to work with on repeat. You want help to shift your mindset so you can attract in more abundance and clients to your business with ease.

- 9 x 90 minute 1:1 sessions

- Access to the Client Attraction Method Framework 

- Personalised business + mindset resources to help you grow.

+ so much more!

Stand Out & Scale To 6 Figures

This premium coaching experience is especially for you if you are on a mission to call in 10-20k months consistently.

You're not here to play small. You started your business so you could make a big impact with your gifts. In fact, helping people fills you up and you're ready and dedicated to go all in and serve your clients at a much higher level.

This experience will help you to connect with the business framework and mindset strategies that will enable you to step into that next level. We will shape you into the CEO version of you and build you out an impactful scalable business that also gives you the time freedom & lifestyle you really want to create for yourself. 

6 months coaching

What's Included

- 18 x 60 minute 1:1 sessions

- Tailored resources that will help you to grow!

- Access to my personalised library of business resources.

+ so much more!