4 Tricks To Get More Engagement On Instagram Stories

4 Tricks To Get More Engagement On Instagram Stories

Get More Engagement On Instagram Stories

Are you ready to hear some tricks on how to get more engagement on Instagram stories?

Before we jump in, I just want to quickly share with you two crazy facts!

Fact one: Did you know that 500 million people are showing up to use Instagram stories every single day.

Yes, 500 MILLION!

I’m pretty sure that number has grown since that metric came out too. So, if you’re not already using Instagram stories for your business, then you really need to be!

Fact two: Did you know that by using Instagram stories you could potentially reach thousands more people per day (If you use the tools mentioned below)? That’s thousands of people who ‘aren’t yet following you!

Right, I’m guessing that you are very ready to dive in and learn not only how to get more engagement on your Instagram stories, but also how to reach more people. Here’s the four tricks that will get you there…

4 Tricks To Get More Engagement On Your Instagram Stories

1. Show Up Consistently 

Have you noticed how stories are showcased to you on Instagram? First, you’ll notice that they are sat at the very top of your news feed.

Get More Engagement On Instagram Stories

Second, you’ll notice that the very first bunch of stories that you see will either be by;

1. People you engage with the most

2. People you have just started following they’ll only stay at the front if you watch and engage with their stories

Want to get more engagement on your Instagram stories? Then your aim is to get your stories to show up at the front of peoples feeds! Why? Lots of us don’t have time to go through ‘every’ story that all our followers are posting, we only have time for a few. So, if you want your stories to be seen, you need to be as close to the front as possible.

How can you do this?

a) You need to create stories that people will want to watch and interact with – so you’re more likely to be at the front of their feed next time.

b) you need to show up consistently! – People who only show up occasionally on Instagram, may just find that their posts slip ‘way down’ to the bottom of the Instagram sea. 

If you struggle to show up regularly because you just don’t have time to post, don’t worry! Did you know that you can pre-make your Instagram stories and schedule them in advance?

I use an app called Preview to do this on weeks where I know I’m going to be too busy to show up ‘on the day’. Preview have actually written a post on how you can schedule stories. You can find it here: ‘How To Schedule Your Instagram Stories Using Preview App.

2. Use stickers

A foolproof way to get more engagement on your Instagram stories is to use stickers. By stickers I mean the ‘poll’, ‘quiz’, ‘ask a question’, ‘rate this’ stickers.

Get More Engagement On Instagram Stories

I have to admit, I LOVE stickers. I use them every single day, for both myself AND for all of my clients. They not only encourage engagement but they are also a great way for you to;

a) Determine what your audience wants to seeyup, you can actually ask your audience what they want to see more of!

b) Make your page more fun – try doing a pop quiz that your audience can get involved in, or get them to ‘rate’ things such as products/ideas.

c) Get your audience more involved – You could poll your audience and ask them which out of ‘two products’ you should stock, or which outfit of yours they prefer and think you should wear, etc etc.

Get More Engagement On Instagram Stories

You can have so much fun with stickers and people can’t help but engage with them. As much as people might complain about the Instagram algorithm, they sure are giving us the tools that we need to help encourage people to engage with us!

3. Use Tagging

The third trick to get more engagement on your Instagram stories is tagging. By tagging I mean geotagging, hashtagging and tagging other people.

Get More Engagement On Instagram Stories

Tagging is not only a great way to get more engagement (how many times have you tapped on those ‘tags’ when other people have posted them? Yup…they work) but tags are also an AMAZING way to reach new people and to also share the ‘insta love’. Let me quickly break down the different tags;

a) Geotagging – The geotag tool is great sticker to use if you are location based business, or if you are an influencer who is visiting different places. This sticker gives you the option to ‘tag’ or share the place you  are currently in and is a great way to reach more people who are in that area or who are searching for things to do in that area. You can tag towns, restaurants, shops etc.

b) Tagging other people – Do you stock , are you sharing products made by people, is there another Instagram profile you want others to check out (e.g. for a ‘Follow Friday’ post) tag them… This is also a great way to share the ‘insta love’. If you tag other people, they might even ‘share’ your story, meaning your posts will reach EVEN MORE people.

c) Hashtags –  Did you know you can use up to ten hashtags in your Instagram stories? You can write nine of them as text and one of them you can write using the ‘hashtag’ sticker. I always try and tag all of my stories with at least one relevant hashtag. For example, I live I in Cornwall and whenever I tag ‘Cornwall’ in my stories (I make sure I only do this if I’m actually posting about the area, so as not to be spammy) it usually gets seen by a minimum of 500 more people!

Get More Engagement On Instagram Stories

If you are struggling to find hashtags that will get you a bigger reach, or that your target audience are hanging out in, check out my post Secret Hack To Finding The Hashtags That Your Target Audience Are Using‘.

4. Create A Call To Action

A call to action is such a simple, but great trick to encourage more engagement. I am constantly ‘asking’ my audience to do things on stories. I will say things like ‘drop into my DMs with your thoughts on..’ or, ‘I have a new post out, click the link here to go and view it’. Or, ‘have you seen the free resource that’s in my bio? Go grab it, it will seriously help you to…!

Get More Engagement On Instagram Stories

Instagram sees any type of ‘action’ that your audience takes on your page as ‘engagement’. So, what would you like your audience to do?

It’s amazing how just a little nudge like this can triple or even quadruple your engagement. Don’t be afraid to ask people to take action!

So there you have it, 4 tricks to get more engagement on your Instagram stories!

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