How To Batch Your Content To Save Time On Instagram

How To Batch Your Content To Save Time On Instagram

Save Time On Instagram

How much time are you spending on Instagram right now? If I told you that you could create a whole MONTHS worth of content in just a few hours and save time on Instagram, would you get really excited?

Well, guess what? It’s time to get excited! If you are ready to save time on Instagram (I’m talking hours and hours and hours), then this post is for you!

Want to know a secret method? It’s called batching. Before we dive into the ‘how’ lets quickly chat about…

Why Batching Is A-M-A-zing for your business!

Lets be honest, when you are an entrepreneur, time is so precious! There are so many different facets of our businesses that we need to focus on. The thing is Instagram can be a time bandit.

Yet, at the same time, we know that we need to be showing up consistently online. We are the faces of our brands and therefore spending time online, fostering a community and building an audience is super important!

So, how can you save time on Instagram, but still be showing up?

That’s where batching comes in!

3 awesome things about batching;

  • You don’t have to think about what to post every single day.
  • You can easily style your feed and stay on brand with your message to grow your page quicker.
  • Honestly? You can save HOURS AND HOURS of time every month!

Ok, lets get started with the ‘how’. First up;

Determine Your Strategy/Messaging For The Month

Ok, before you batch your content lets map out what your focus is for the month!

Do you want to focus on getting more sales on a certain product? Maybe you want to focus on getting new followers or, perhaps you want more ‘click throughs’ to your website?

Having a posting strategy can really help you to;

  • ‘grow’ your Instagram page quickly
  • keep your feed ‘on brand’
  • make sure each post is ‘purposeful’ so you can get results much quicker.

Here’s a great example of what a posting strategy can do. Say you have a new product line launching. You could either post ‘on the day’ to say that you have a new product line out! Or, you could plan out content in advance to create hype for the launch.

Perhaps you plan an announcement post to say that you are working on a new product line. Then a week later you could plan a ‘progress update post’ to keep your audience interested. A few days later you can create a post to encourage people to sign up to your e-mail list for a sneak peek at your new collection.  Then a couple of days before it’s launched start a count down to create excitement, etc etc.

See how planning in advance is great for creating a really strong message? This little strategy could get you so many more sales than just a quick post to say ‘I’ve just made a new product line’.

Save Time On Instagram

Bulk Take Photos

Next up…let’s build up a bank of photos!

This can make Instagram feel easier than ever to manage and make it (almost) completely stress free!

If YOU are the face of your brand, you could grab a few different outfits and your camera. Call up a friend to be your photographer, or use a tripod and a timer, and dedicate a whole afternoon to getting a range of different photos for your Instagram page.

I do this ALL THE TIME! You don’t even have to stay in the same place. You could travel around to a few different locations if that ‘fits with your brand’.

Imagine just how many weeks worth of images you can create and bank for later, in just one photoshoot!!! If you truly want to save time on Instagram, bulk taking photos could save you HOURS and HOURS.

If you are a PRODUCT BASED business, this could also work for you. Dedicate a morning or afternoon and do a mini photoshoot! Simply style your products with different props or set up some backdrops so that you can take a bunch of photos all in one go.

Bulk Write Captions

Time for the good stuff, let’s get into ‘captions’.

Now, if you are thinking “ah Chloe, I struggle to write just one caption! How can I possibly write lots of captions all in one go?”

Don’t worry. I’ve got you! I have a secret trick to making ‘bulk writing’ seem way less daunting. Are you ready for it? Here goes!

Why not try writing out what topics you want to cover each week? I always try and share a few ‘different’ topics for each client. For example, I run the social channels for a company that sells baby teething granules. I have five topics that I tend to cover each week. I share:

  1. Teething tips
  2. Teething facts
  3. Engaging ‘viral’ posts (memes, quotes)
  4. Special offers
  5. Community building posts (asking questions/polling the audience)

Now, if I post five times a week on their channels and there are four weeks in the month coming up, I know that I just need to write four captions for each ‘topic’. Then I have a whole month worth of content ready to go!

See how much easier it is when you break it down? Also, see how you can save time on Instagram by doing this?

So, for this client, I can see that I need to create four teething tips for the month and four teething facts for the month, etc etc. It is so much easier to sit down and write each topic in one go, than it is to post ‘on the day’.

If you need some help with writing captions that get engagement, I have a four step secret formula written just for you, it’s called ‘Captions That Convert’ and it’s completely free. Grab it by clicking here!

The formula shows you exactly how you can write a caption that gets engagement every single time! I also include 30+ prompts that you can use anytime you are stuck for inspiration on what to post.

Layout Your Grid

Finally, the fun part. Making your grid look really pretty!

Did you know that there are so many apps that allow you to ‘glimpse’ your grid in advance? This is so helpful for you if you want to create a cohesive looking, branded feed!

Save Time On Instagram

On these apps you can simply drag and drop your images to make your grid look exactly how you want it to. You can also attach your pre-written captions to each image AND you can schedule all your content in advance. How much easier does that make your life?

Then, when the time comes to post, your phone will send you a push notification, so all you need to do is press ‘publish’. Hello all your time back!

Do you want to know which Instagram apps will help you to; batch content, layout your feed and edit your photos in just one click? I have a FREE RESOURCE FOR YOU! Download  ‘5 Apps To Up-Level Your Instagram For Business’ below!

I really hope this post was helpful! By implementing these really easy to follow tactics, you could honestly save yourself so much time on Instagram! Precious time that you spend in other areas of your business (or life).

Pop me a comment below if this is something you are going to try for your business…

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