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Ready to attract, convert & close soulmate clients consistently?
It's time to master the sales + marketing + mindset strategies that work for you! 

It's time for you to attract, convert and close soulmate clients consistently! Ready to master the marketing, sales + mindset methods that will help you to sell out your offers with ease?

Soulful Sales



price increases from $888 to $1222 in

smooth, steady way to sell out your offers

instead you really wish there was a

You'd love to finally connect with a process that actually works + attracts in consistent 'soulmate' clients - people you'd LOVE to help - without you giving ALL your energy away.

In fact wouldn't it be nice to have a people reaching out to you in your DMs saying ‘how can I work with you?' especially because you're now so much more visible & your content (which is now so effortless for you to create) magnetises people to you!

Even good would it feel to attract absolute soulmate clients onto sales calls -> for you to feel SO CONFIDENT in hosting those calls and for ypu to speak to clients who have no money objections & who are happy to pay your fee in full, right after the call.

but, right now, there are just two things that are stopping that from happening...

guess what? this really does get to be your reality!
(just as it is for me & my clients)

1. You haven’t yet connected with the EXACT sales + marketing + content methods that work for YOU.

2. You haven’t yet connected with the mindset tools that will help you to MAGNETISE aligned clients to you. Mindset tools that will make the ‘strategic’ methods work for you always!


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Ready to master the marketing + sales + mindset methods that will see you effortlessly & confidently
selling out your offers? 

Attract, convert & close soulmate clients

Soulful Sales Academy


The Energetics + Mindset Behind Selling Out Your Offers
How To Step Into The Identity Of A Sold Out Entrepreneur
The 5 Beliefs You Need To Anchor Into Before You Sell
Exactly What To Do + Shift When The Clients Aren't Coming

Want to know what the coaches + entrepreneurs that are always booked out + attracting clients know that you don't know? Within this module you will learn...


Module one

Here's what we'll cover...

The 4 Types Of Content That Consistently Attract + Convert Clients
How To Find New Leads + Clients With Hand raising content
How To Powerfully Articulate Your Offers So They Sell

It's time to create content that constantly warms up your audience, so they're ready to jump into any offer that you create. You'll learn...

BONUS -> You'll get access to the Magnetic Content Generator where you can create MONTHS of magnetic content quickly with zero overwhelm!


Module Two

Create Your Personalised Visibility + Marketing Plan
Learn How To Attract Leads + Clients In Your Sleep 
Learn How To Build Hype Around Your Offers Effortlessly
Connect With Fun Client Attracting Social Selling Techniques

To sell out your offers they NEED to be visible & they need to be positioned in an irresistible way so they connect with the people who need them. So how do you do that? In this module you'll...


Module three

Pre-qualify Clients So You Never Waste Time On Calls
Get Booked Out With + Close Sales Calls With Confidence
Attract People To DM Conversations + Convert With Ease
Deal With Objections In A Graceful, Integral Way

Now it's time to 'close' clients in a way that is in alignment with you - with zero icky tactics or convincing! Snag the sales call script that gets my clients a 95% close rates on calls, plus learn how to...

soul aligned sales

Module four

Ready to release old limiting beliefs, niggling thoughts + self sabotaging patterns that keep coming up when you're calling in clients? This tapping exercise will show you how you can bring those issues to the surface and tap through them so you feel empowered and energised instead!

eft (TAPPING) FOR attracting CLIENTS

Bonus number two (worth $97)

This module will show you 3 powerful ways you can skyrocket your income and impact even more people by bundling offers, creating secret menu items + introducing profitable touch points within your business. 

secret income skyrocketers

Bonus number one (worth $197)

There are bonuses too?

Did I mention that

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Ready to get started?

Wake up to DMs of people asking how they can work with you.
Be booked out with + so confident in hosting sales calls.
Get to impact soulmate clients with your magic on repeat.
Have notifications of new payments consistently streaming across the screen of your phone.

Can you imagine how it would feel to...

My past clients now feel like this and you can too!

Get to know me

My purpose? To help you to get seen by the people who deeply, deeply need your help and to show you EXACTLY how to build out a powerful, impactful, 6 figure+ online business that you truly, truly love!

What sets me + Bump To Business apart?

I see myself as an alchemist because I fully blend the mindset + energetics with business strategy.

i'm a mindset + business coach who is obsessed with teaching aligned, soulful sales.

Hey! I'm chloë!

Master the marketing + sales methods that light your soul + that work for you on repeat!

To master your mindset + energy so you can consistently attract + serve soulmate clients  

To feel so confident in what you are doing & to never again wonder 'why the clients aren't coming' or what you are doing so wrong! 

I then got certified as a mindset coach in modalities such an NLP, EFT, Time Techniques, Hypnotherapy + Life & Success coaching.

It was learning these mindset tools that helped me to skyrocket my business. By blending the business with the mindset -> in less than a month I went from struggling to make 1k to consistent 5 figure months & I haven't looked back since.

I've now helped 100's of women to do the same & now I want to help you too...

which is exactly why i created soulful sales academy

that's when i learnt that the strategy does not work unless your mindset, energy + belief system is behind you.

In fact, my first year of business was pretty scary! I'd get trickles of clients here & there & then I'd experience back to back failed launches + months of tumbleweed.

It left me feeling so disheartened, worried I wasn't cut out for entrepreneurship & wondering what I was doing so wrong?

I could see others around me (most who started after me) finding success. It seemed easy for them! They were impacting dream clients + making a big income. What did they know that I didn't?

despite starting my business with a decades worth of digital marketing + sales experience under my belt, i really struggled to attract clients.

life wasn't always
10k+ months & streams of soulmate clients

have mastered the soulful sales strategies that work for you!

know how to powerfully position yourself in front of those who need your magic

know exactly how to create magnetic content that connects + converts

have mastered the energy + mindset of a fully booked online entrepreneur

By the end of this course, you will...

price increases:

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Pay in full

One time payment

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4 payments of

Payment plan


Ready to get started?



Hey Chloë I have never had so much engagement before...I literally wake up with DMs of people asking to book discovery calls...Asking! no chasing...

the discovery call questions are great...tweaked them for my business...2 new clients booked.
Felt totally in control of the call 💞

thanks to you chloë i signed 3 clients right after launching my first offer ever! I am still amazed at how fast it all happened!



This program is PERFECT for you if you are an online coach, a practitioner, a lightworker, a healer, trainer, digital product creator or service provider (VA, OBM, copywriter, social media manager etc...)

In fact -> it's perfect for you if you run an online business that offers any type of service or program!

This program is such a good fit for all levels. 

New and starting out? Been in business for a while? Scaling to 10k months and beyond?

These strategies + mindset tools will be BEYOND perfect for you regardless of how new or experienced you are.

You will get access to a FB group where you can jump in share your wins and ask me questions! 

I will be in and out of the group frequently and there will be a weekly thread thread where you can post what you need as you're going through the program!

Yes! This isn't a drip fed program. You get instant lifetime access to the content + any updates that I make to the content in the future! 

You can go through the entire program in just a few days - in fact so many people who join this program get really excited and binge the content super quickly!

The best thing about the program is you get to come back to it again and again to truly master the strategies and mindset techniques I share. 

Join $$a now >

I honestly cannot wait for you to share with me how many people you are now connecting with because of this program!

Let's do this!

Are you in?