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Where To Find Freelance Work

Where To Find Freelance Work

Do you want to know where to find freelance work? This is one question I have been asked a lot over the years and I’m about to dive deep into this question and share with you 5 tried and tested places where you can find freelance work, regardless of your niche or industry!.

I have talked about my journey from maternity leave to freelancing a lot over the years, both on my Bump to Business Instagram page and on my family lifestyle blog ‘Life Unexpected’.

Whenever I bring freelancing up, I always get lots of interest and so many people tell me that they want to take the leap and become a freelancer, but they just don’t know where to get started in finding work.

Where To Find Freelance Work

I will be honest, finding work can sometimes feel a little bit daunting. Even if you are experienced! But, despite this one teeny snag, freelancing can be so incredible!

I honestly cannot rate working for yourself enough. You have an uncapped earning potential, you can work flexible hours and there are so many perks to being your own boss that could fill up a whole blog post all on its own.

If you’ve been putting off taking the leap just because you don’t know where to find a job, I really hope this post helps! Lets get into it.

1. Freelance Websites

UpWork, Copify, People Per Hour, Freelancer…there are bundles of freelance based websites where you can find freelance work.

These websites are basically ‘job boards’, where ’employers’ post what they need or what they are looking for and you then ‘pitch’ to work with them.

Please take this as a word of caution though…I wouldn’t use these websites ALL THE TIME to find work. But, they’re a great starting point, especially if you are new or if you desperately need an injection of freelance work.

Plus points? These websites are always full of new jobs and are updated daily.

Negatives? It can be rare to find work that pays you what you are worth, although it is possible to do so.

My tip? If you don’t like the idea of ‘bidding for work’, it’s still a great idea to create profiles on these websites and to set them to active. Sometimes you do get ‘approached’ for work and I’ve personally found work on all the websites listed above this way!

2. Linked In

LinkedIn is often forgotten about, but it’s actually a really great place to find freelance work. If you’re not signed up yet, go and grab yourself a profile and get connecting with EVERYONE you know.

LinkedIn is like the ‘Facebook’ for business. You can upload your work profile, post status updates, network with other businesses and individuals and you can search for exclusive jobs.

Be sure to check out this article ‘5 things freelancers need to do on Linked In‘ if you want to use it to it’s full potential.

Quick tip…if you are a blogger looking to go freelance, don’t forget to start connecting with PR’s that you’ve previously worked with, other bloggers you know and companies you’ve worked on campaigns with, on LinkedIn!

If they ‘know’ you, have worked with you before, and they see your new services, they’re more likely to hire you over someone they don’t know!

Where To Find Freelance Work

3. Find Freelance Work In Your Inbox

Who do you have in your e-mail address book at the moment? Honestly, do not be afraid to send out a mass message sharing with people your new services!

Especially if you have contacts from previous ’employed’ work in this industry!

Alongside Bump to Business, I also run a family lifestyle blog called ‘Life Unexpected’. I am constantly using my e-mail inbox to message PR companies and to work on campaigns brands.

When I first started out as a freelance social media manager, I decided to let all these people know about my work offerings just in case there was an opening. They knew I was a blogger, they knew I’d delivered great work for them previously, but they didn’t know I was also a freelancer too!

So, I set up a lovely e-mail template. I included an eye-catching professional photo, wrote a short blurb explaining my new services and kindly asked if the recipient would pass it around to other people if they had the time.

The response? Most of the contacts I had were so happy to pass my message around to others. Some even had one off jobs for me and I even landed my biggest paid freelance contract to date by doing this.

4. Word Of Mouth

Have you told EVERY single person you know about your new venture yet? By everyone you know, I literally mean everyone! The checkout lady you speak to all the time at the supermarket? Your Grandma when you pop over for a cup of tea? Your local mechanic when you’re getting your car serviced? Seriously, it’s likely they’ll then tell other people, even if it’s just in passing. Then sure enough, someone might be looking for a freelancer just like you!

Another ‘word of mouth’ method is to look for networking events in your area. Print out some basic business cards and go and mingle. I am a huge introvert and this is something I find very scary, but it is really worth doing. Take a friend along with you if you are nervous. This can be such a lovely way to make new friends too!

Where To Find Freelance Work

5. Social Media

Have you got the gist yet that it’s so important to shout about yourself? Believe me, I know first hand how tough ‘self-promotion’ can be. Especially when you are first starting out! But, honestly, you never know who might ‘know someone’ who needs your services!

If self-promotion is something you struggle with, check out my post: How To Overcome Fear Of Self-Promotion

So, it’s time to put your thick shell on for the ‘final’ place to find freelance work. Get ready to show up on your social media pages!

Have you posted on your personal Facebook page, your Twitter account or your Instagram page about you being a freelancer yet? It is such a good idea to.

Can I tell you a story? This is how I landed my first ever freelance job! It was through social media and it was such a random connection. I posted on my personal Facebook account that I was starting out as a freelancer.

A few days later, a company randomly inboxed me asking if they could hire me on a trial basis as a freelance social media manager. They had been recommended me by someone who had done graphic design work for them.

I asked them who this person was and it turned out to be someone who I had hung out with a couple of times as a teenager, ten years previously! I just happened to have them as a ‘friend’ on my Facebook page and they had seen my post about my new venture, so they put my name forward.

Proof that you never know who is watching and remembering!

5 Places To Find Freelance Work

So, those were 5 places you can find freelance work, regardless of your industry and regardless of your experience. I hope this post was so helpful and if it was, I would really love for you to PIN it on Pinterest so it can help others too! Now I have a question for you…

Are you starting out as a freelancer? Are you already a freelancer? Where have you found freelance work before? Let me know in the comments below. 

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